Thanks to the Bread Loaf Journal for publishing my short story “Reckoning” this past summer. You can read it here on page 18.    


Emerging from a world which had consumed me, you—nameless but familiar—showed up with your own offspring. They tugged at your arms as you set them up for entertainment in front of their monitors. You were frustrated by their capricious desires. And yet you still...

Providing the Mortar

A few months ago I had the opportunity to talk to Rick Bragg about his latest book, Jerry Lee Lewis: His Own Story. You can that read that interview in the Winter 2014 edition of Creative Nonfiction or you can read a PDF of it here.

Your son

When your son reached across my hot plate and speared his fork into my hash browns, I fought the primal urge to stab my fork into his grubby little paw.